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WELCOME... to the wonderful world of Pets Etc. by Susan Leigh.

Our fabulous furry (and not so furry!) friends fill our homes and our hearts with their inimitable personality and presence. As uniquely individual as their owners, the joy they bring to the home is simply priceless.

Immortalise your precious pooch or cool cat in a pet portrait by acclaimed British artist, Susan Leigh.

When working on pet portrait commissions, Susan has a magical way of capturing the very essence of your pets personality in a timeless piece of art.
Choose from either an acrylic or watercolour painting depending on your individual personal style. 



Sue that is absolutely incredible!! OMG!!!!!

You have captured Gerty perfectly!

I wish I could give you a big hug..


OMG...Bloody love it! So impressed! It's beautiful. Thank you so much!


That's amazing...just perfect!!

Thank you so much. We are delighted with it!


OMG, we have no's far too beautiful to put into words... thank you from the bottom  of our hearts for being super, SUPER talented . Not only have you captured her looks down to a tee, we can even sense  her wee character each time we look at her!

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